Go Out Paws walks focus on a proper long walk out in the countryside for a genuine walking adventure. No parks, no on lead walk around the block! Group socialisation is mentally stimulating for your dog and it is lovely to see the social interaction.  Walks are varied, taking in the beauty of the surrounding countryside and are geared towards giving your dog the freedom to enjoy the open space, run around and have fun with their new friends with minimal disruption from other unknown dogs.

The walks are in the surrounding countryside on routes we know well in the Coventry, Kenilworth, Berkswell, Meridan and surrounding areas. By not walking in parks or pounding the streets on lead we try to avoid meeting other dogs which we don’t know. We have good local knowledge of where to avoid livestock, roads and hazards to keep your dog safe. In the summer we know of plenty of places for a swim to cool off and get a bit of extra exercise.

We always carry plenty of water and offer drinks throughout the walk and whilst in transit. We use reward based training and use only top quality high meat grain free treats for your dog. All dogs are transported in crates to keep them safe, or can wear a seat belt if they don’t like being crated.

At the end of each walk we always post some photos of the day’s activities onto Facebook to keep you updated on what your dog has been up to.