Morning Paws

£15        Including pick up and drop off
 £5  Early drop or late pick up extra

Afternoon Paws

£15 Including pick up and drop off
 £5 Early drop or late pick up extra

Holiday Paws

Home Boarding £35 per night


Cancellation Policy – Less than 2 weeks notice charged at 50%. Less than 24 hours  notice charged at full price.

We require at least 4 weeks notice of a dog being withdrawn from out services.  Failure to give sufficient notice will result in a charge of 50% of standard charge until end of notice period.

Holiday Cover – Dogs may be taken out for up to 4 weeks per year at no charge.  Any longer term absence will incur a retainer of 50% of standard charge in order to retain space.

Early drop off or late pick up outside of our normal hours for owners who chose to drop and pick up their dogs incur an extra charge of £5 per day.

Two Dogs

We offer a discount for 2 dogs from the same home.

Holiday Paws

We only board dogs that walk with us on a regular basis. Dogs stay as part of our family.