About Us

Our names are Lisa & Claire and we are sisters who have grown up surrounded by animals. From hamsters and rabbits through to cats, dogs and horses. This passion has never ceased and we both have a natural affinity with them.

As experienced dog owners and walkers we offer great value service, lots of love and cuddles and guarantee that your dog will have a great day out. We only walk the dogs ourselves with the support of Emma who covers our holidays and helps out when extra dogs book in so you don’t need to worry about a sudden change in staffing and your dog being walked by someone they don’t know.

We treat your dog as we do our own with loads of love and cuddles. Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and our families. We love to holiday and have days out with them.

Having lots of older children there is often extra hands on deck to play fetch or tug of war when they are around.

We use our homes as bases as we both have large secure gardens, warm dog showers, dog drying equipment and a room dedicated to the dogs with comfy sofas and beds.

We are fully licenced and inspected by Coventry City Council so you can rest assured that you dog is receiving top quality care.

In the past Lisa has worked for Applaws who make very high quality dog and cat food. This involved a lot of nutrition training so I am always on hand to offer nutritional advice. As we use reward based training this also means that your dog will only have healthy treats with a very high human grade meat content and no cereals or grains.